A metal stamping machine is also known as a stamping press and is a metalwork machine that is used to cut or carve metal pieces into different shapes and sizes.

Types of metal stamping machine

There are three main types of metal stamping machine and each is useful for different types of metalwork. The different types of metal stamping machines include:

Hydraulic metal stamping machine

Hydraulic metal stamp machines use hydraulic fluid to power their operation. They are built with hydraulic pistons that release the fluid and power the function of the machine. Hydraulic stamp machines are mainly used to create small and intricate stamps.

Mechanical metal stamping machine

A mechanical metal stamping machine is powered by a motor that is attached to a mechanical flywheel which transfers and stores energy to be used by the machine. Mechanical metal stamping machines are available in different sizes for different stamp sizes and they are used for large stamp production as well as stamp transfer.

Mechanical servo metal stamping machines

In mechanical servo metal stamping machines, capacity motors replace the flywheels as seen in mechanical machines. These machines ideal for complex stamps and operates at high speed

Benefits of using metal stamping machines

There are certain benefits of using metal stamping machines as opposed to manually trying to shape or maneuver metal sheets and they include:

They are precise

With metal stamping machines, you can get the precise shape or angle you want. Manual jobs can get messy because it’s easy to make mistakes. The metal stamping machine, on the other hand, picks up pre-drawn shapes or patterns and transfers or cuts the metal into them.

They are fast

Metal stamping machines are faster at shaping or transferring stamps to metals as opposed to manual metalwork which would take a lot of time to get right and delay the rate of production. Metal stamping machines produce more with less time.

The products are consistent

With metal stamping machines, the consistency of your products is guaranteed. It is difficult to make two drawings of the same object the same, both in terms of size and structure manually. However, metal stamping machines ensure that every stamp is the same.

Where can metal stamping machines be used?

Metal stamping machines can be used in several industries for different types of metal work. Some industries that use metal stamping machines include:

Production of industrial machines

Metal stamping machines are used in industrial machinery companies to cut, bend, and shape the metal parts used for production.

Electrical industry

Metal stamping machines are used in the electrical industry for intricate metal work used in the manufacture of several electrical components.

Automotive industry

The automotive industry which involves the production of cars, bikes, and the likes also employ the use of metal stamping machines to cut, bend, curve, or shape the metal components used in production.


Metal clamping machines can be applied in every area of our lives as every household and office equipment requires metal stamping machines for production and even for the manufacture of tins for drinks and canned food. The article gives an overview about metal stamping machine.


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