The pressure washer is one of the most effective and, in many cases, the cheapest tools you can use to build your brand. Whether it’s advertising during a festival or concert or maintaining an area before/after the event, this tool has proven it’s worth time and time again.

That’s where the pressure washer comes in. With a pressure washer, you can clean up all the mud and other stains left behind by thousands of attendees very quickly. This leaves room for more green spaces and reduces the number of chemical cleaners needed to be used around children and pets. Visit now Giraffe tools pressure washer.

1. Cleaning the car

It might seem weird to have a tip for washing your car as well, but hear me out on this one. You need to clean your car so often because of all the dirt and other particles that stick to a vehicle when driving around them every day. This makes it almost impossible for any soap or water to remove anything from your car, resulting in a dirty-looking vehicle.

You can use the pressure washer’s rotating flow feature, which will help take off unwanted particles sharing with rotating jets capable of reaching in between gaps of wheels and body lines; ensuring that every inch of your car is spotless! (Please use common sense here, don’t spray at people).

2. Cleansing driveways/concrete surfaces

Concrete is a highly porous material, which means it absorbs everything you put on it! This can be dangerous to your health when all that dirt and grime gets absorbed into the concrete when cleaning with just water. The pressure washer helps break up all that dirt and other particles, leaving behind a clean surface. Also, the soap mixture used in conjunction with the high-pressure water will eliminate any chances for mold or mildew growth. Use common sense when using this method so not to strip off paint or cause damage in another way to your property

3. Cleaning bricks & stucco exteriors

Like with cars, these surfaces are very porous and can absorb all the dirt and grime of living outside. A pressure washer helps break up all that dirt and grime, leaving a clean surface behind. Also, you can use it in combination with soap to altogether remove any chance for fungal growth.

4. Cleaning outdoor furniture

This is self-explanatory; aim away at your patio set and enjoy as your lounge furniture looks brand new! This also works great on other surfaces, such as solid wood furniture (please don’t use it on unfinished/unsealed wood).

5. Tree sap removal

While this feature may not be present on every single power washer, those equipped with it are capable of breaking down tree sap without damaging the painted surface of your car. This is a life-saving feature as some types of fluid found on trees stay wet for weeks or even months! Please be sure to aim away from any open windows on the vehicle and keep children/pets out of the way as well.

6. Appliance cleaning

Wait, I can clean my fridge with a pressure washer?! Why yes, you can, and if done correctly, will leave behind a wholly sanitized mess-free environment every time. Remember not to use any cleaners when using this method; just plain water should suffice.

7. Cleaning inflatables

Inflatable castle rentals are top-rated at kid’s birthday parties, but what’s not so great about them is how quickly they accumulate dirt and grime. This can be quickly removed with a pressure washer, leaving behind a clean inflatable that looks brand new!

Of course, always use common sense when using these cleaning methods, especially for children and pets. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s manual thoroughly before using your pressure washer so you know what restrictions are present for each type of surface you’ll be working on beforehand. Also, please understand that these steps should only be performed on safe characters for high-pressure water applications. Don’t do it if it states not to use high-pressure water against the surface! I just wanted to clarify that point.


It’s understandable to be bombarded with advertisements and infomercials for devices that help clean your house or yard using high-pressure water. Still, as mentioned earlier in this article, the negative aspects of the device must also be taken into consideration.

A pressure washer is a great tool to have around the house, whether you’re using it for construction or want to save some time on your car washing routine. Remember not to use it on unfinished/sealed wood surfaces, as this will strip off the protective layer on those surfaces. Also, try not to aim at open windows or any skin on your vehicle unless you don’t mind chipping your paint job over time.


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