We all know that any electrical device creates a lot of heat as a result of its processing which is stored in it and removed using any technique. A similar case is with our computers, the more they will work, and the more heat will be produced. If this heat is not removed then it will bring serious issues to the computer.

A cpu heat sink plays a very significant role in this regard and such algorithms are used that draw the heat away from a CPU. But sometimes it stops working and we don’t even know what the real problem is. That’s why today we are here with some of the signs that signify that the CPU heat sink is not working correctly.

Signs Of Bad CPU HeatSink

As time passes there is a great chance that the CPU heat sinks show some signs of damage. In this situation, it will become important to pay attention to it otherwise it will slowly decrease the lifespan of our computer and also affect its performance. Given are a few of the signs discussed that tell the users about damaged CPU heatsinks.

Noise Of Fan

Most computers give off sound while working but its normal until the sound is low. If this sound keeps on increasing day by day then there is a great chance that the CPU heat sink is clogged.

If the heat sink is dusted then it will work slowly in drawing the heat out of the CPU. If the heat drawn out by the heat sink is less then it will affect the performance of the computer.

Temperature Difference

If you feel that the temperature of your computer is high then it means that the heat sink is not working and a small amount of heat is drawing out from the CPU. But we can’t measure the temperature of the computer just by touching it as you do with laptops and mobile phones.

For this, we have to use some third-party tools and if they show a high temperature then it clearly shows your CPU heat sink needs replacement. But sometimes it only needs cleaning and not a replacement.

Unstable System

Another sign of a damaged heat sink is the unstable working of the computer system. It’s a basic factor when the CPU heat saying goes bad then it will not extract heat out of the computer and as a result its temperature increases.

The system will restart or shut down to guard the computer against further damage. Moreover, there is a great chance that it’s starting to show strange behavior and the whole system keeps on shutting down.

Slow Performance

Apart from showing strange behavior, damaged CPU heat sinks will also affect the working performance of computers. The time taken by the computer to do a task will increase and you have to wait a lot even after making a single click. These are all signs of the damaged CPU heat sink.

What To Do If CPU Heat Sink Goes Bad

Now if you are sure that your CPU heat sink is not working correctly then it’s time for the next step. Now there are two possibilities whether the heat sink is just dusty or clogged and needs cleaning or it demands replacement.

Therefore it becomes important to figure out which step is to be taken. No matter which taps you make sure that you do it carefully otherwise you will have to face a serious problem.

Ending Thoughts

There may be a chance that the component that is responsible for drawing the heat out of a CPU does not work properly. This will make the working of the computer slow and its performance goes down badly.

In such a situation, it becomes important to know whether the CPU heatsink is damaged or if it is due to any other issue. A damaged CPU heatsink shows some signs to inform the user that it needs replacement.


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