All electronic devices need charging. Before, every electronic device needed a separate charger because the same one was not compatible with other devices. Users faced portability issues, as they had to juggle an equal number of chargers and devices.

The multiport USB chargers solved this problem. These primarily came into the market for wall placements. But their amazing benefits, allowed them to spread to every vehicle from sedans to commercial trucks. Today you’ll learn more about the benefits of multiport USB car chargers.


The first benefit of a multiport USB car charger is that it provides more power than a single port charger; although the output voltage is different for every port. But, they allow more current to pass through the circuit.

The passable amount of current affects how quickly a charger charges your device. UGREEN engineers multiport USB chargers with universal voltages to ensure a quick charge. Their devices incorporate the best protections to prevent burnout and power surges.

Multiple Devices Charging

You may not always be alone in your car. And if you and your partner need a charge at the same time, who would win? Let’s end the misery!

As the name implies, multiport chargers offer multiple charging ports. They may have 2, 3, or more ports. It varies from brand to brand. Fortunately, UGREEN provides various versions of USB car chargers. You can pick the one fitting your needs conveniently.

Different Charging Ports

Your device’s charging port ultimately dictates your charger kind. Mostly, car chargers support multiple ports for Type-A and Type-C cables. But, some users need to operate car appliances like DVRs and vacuum cleaners. Will a multiport car charger support that? It depends!

Here UGREEN takes the lead. Their models with cigarette lighting ports provide the needed power to all devices like DVRs and vacuum cleaners.


A car charger with limited compatibility is nothing but a useless plastic chunk. But UGREEN plays a different game altogether. Their chargers are super versatile, as they are compatible with all renowned vehicle and mobile models. Be it a Type-A or a Type-C charger. The company will find a way to amaze you.

Fast Charging

Most users complain about slow charging. It not only wastes your time but causes battery wear also. The absence of fast charging gets annoying day by day. UGREEN values its customer’s time and satisfaction more than anything else.

Therefore, every device they design incorporates Qualcomm technology for fast charging. Chargers featuring this mechanism charge your device 60% faster than an ordinary one.


Car chargers came into existence to provide nothing but comfort. A good multiport charger provides good output values and protection features. It may be a dedicated Type-A or a dedicated Type-C charger. Or it may contain both ports. In the end, the charger making its way to your cart is the one that fits your needs.

But, choosing a trustable brand is very important. Cheap chargers can’t protect your phone from burning out. UGREEN is worth a try when you are looking for reliability and economy.


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