You probably rely on your laptop for various things, so it is critical to know how to test the battery in case it malfunctions. You might be using it to advance your career, earn a living, play games or do your school assignments. Regardless of your machine’s purpose, it is an essential gadget meaning its battery is essential too.  If you have used your laptop for years, you will notice when the battery performance goes low. Nowadays, manufacturers limit laptops’ lifetime to encourage people to upgrade sooner. For instance, lithium-ion batteries cannot perform an out-of-the-box operation for longer periods. But note, even though your battery is damaged, you still need to get information on how bad it is. Testing your laptop battery is vital before you decide to Achat Batterie pour ordinateur portable.

Should I Buy A New Laptop Battery?

The latest windows have battery usage and performance tools built into the laptop’s operating system. These tools can help you to measure your battery’s capacity and compare it to its design capacity. The capacity of your battery keeps on declining with every use until you replace it.

With the in-built battery capacity report in Windows 8, 10, etc, you can obtain the capacity of your battery over time to see how well it is functioning. If your battery’s performance has a significant drop, you should consider replacing it. Remember that leaving your gadget plugged in and turned on leads to faster battery deterioration for an extended time.

Ideally, you should remove the battery when your laptop is connected to power, but some manufactures restrict users from accessing the machine’s internals. Many reputable laptop brands, including Dell and HP, have a battery saver mode that sets a certain percentage of battery level for the device.

How to Test Your Laptop Battery

There are different techniques to obtain the battery information of your machine. These include:

1. System Diagnostics

One of the ways of testing your computer’s battery can be done on the device itself. Although the process may have slight variations depending on your operation, the general steps for performing system diagnostics are outlined below.

  • First, unplug the power cord and turn off your laptop.
  • Restart your laptop by pressing the power button, then immediately the gadget powers on; you press the Escape (Esc) key.
  • When the Start-Up menu appears, click system diagnostics to obtain a list of the diagnostics and components tests.
  • Plug your power cord in and click the start button for Battery Test.
  • Once the system finishes the battery test, you will see a status message. It is crucial to check your laptop’s user manual to determine the next step depending on the status you get.

2. Clever Trick

The method is more straightforward, and it helps you determine whether the issue is your device or battery. You need to remove the battery and let your computer run on an AC adapter. If the gadget works perfectly, you will know your battery is the problem.


You need to frequently test your battery’s lifespan to know if you need to buy a new one. If your laptop battery gets damaged, you can get a high-quality replacement from a top-rated dealer.


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